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A Very Merry Christmas

Well, Christmas is officially over for 2014, but not for me until I’ve blogged about it!

We had a lovely Christmas this year. Christmas was always my favourite holiday of the year growing up, but I admittedly became a bit of a Grinch for a few years after a good friend of mine passed away from cancer on Christmas morning during our teen years. It is true that time heals, though, and with that time, I was able to eventually reclaim my enjoyment of the season, and reflect on memories of my friend with fondness instead of bitterness.

I was even more in the Christmas spirit than usual this year! We decorated our house more than usual, I baked a little more than usual, and, though I didn’t think it was humanly possible, I listened to more Christmas carols than usual! Lastly, to say I ate more treats this Christmas season than usual would be a gross understatement. :/ 🙂 Thank goodness for stretchy jeans!

Anyways, without further ado, here is some of my favourite photographic evidence that we had a good Christmas.

I make sure to get a shot of the kids running down the stairs every Christmas morning.

I make sure to get a shot of the kids running down the stairs every Christmas morning.

Christmas joy

Christmas joy

frog opening gift

The kids giving Daddy their gift

The kids giving Daddy their gift

Puppy's first Christmas

Puppy’s first Christmas

Christmas this year was all about family. The festivities started on Christmas Eve, which we spent, as is usual, with my Mom’s extended family. It was a bittersweet gathering, as it’s been a tough and tragic year for the family to say the least, but it was good for us to get together and show each other the support and love that is needed more than ever.

On Christmas day, Carter and I were awoken by our excited kids, and went downstairs for our usual tradition of reading the Christmas story from the Bible, then eating Christmas cookies and listening to carols while opening presents. After that, a much-deserved nap! We spent the afternoon with my parents and great-Oma, opening a few more presents, eating a few more cookies, and playing games. Our time together was lovely and relaxing and quiet.

This morning, the last of the family gatherings took place; brunch at my parents’ house with all of our siblings, nieces and nephews. “Joyful chaos” would best describe the day.

Tomorrow, it’s back to work for me! It’ll still be a bit of a light work week with many of my colleagues on vacation and New Year’s just around the corner, but my little mini-holiday is pretty much coming to a close. I’ve enjoyed every minute of the holidays and hope next year’s will be just as satisfying!

Last but not least; I don’t generally consider myself a materialistic person, and the presents aren’t what I look forward to most when it comes to Christmas, but this year, Carter really outdid himself with his gift to me. He took a doorframe from our first house together in PEI that we have been lugging around with us on our many moves since, and turned it into a picture frame that showcases some of the best photos that I’ve taken of us over the past several years; our happiest ones as a family. I had a good, happy cry as I took it all in!

best gift ever

Good job Carter! Love you muchly xoxox.