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6 Things

That made me happy the other day:

1. This video of a singing nun and the reactions of the judges, particularly the tattooed crying guy!

2. The weather. Spring has sprung! It’s warm, it’s sunny, my life is now complete!


5. Thea’s first trip to the dog park.

dog park

Pooped puppy on the ride home

Pooped puppy on the ride home

6. We have discovered a pizza joint in the nearest town that is not only delicious, but will deliver to our house in the country! Hooray for New Orleans Pizza!

7. Giving in to my exhaustion, curling up in bed at 7:30 with Kitten, and promptly falling asleep beside her. We never did the co-sleeping thing as a habit, but on those rare occasions when it just happens, it’s deliciously cozy.

8. This Tumblr account, discovered at 2 am later that same night thanks to some middle-of-the night insomnia brought on by the aforementioned ridiculously early bedtime:

Someone Ate This

I’m pretty sure that part of the hilarity was because it was 2 am and everything is more profound at that time….funnier, more angering, sadder, you name the emotion, it will be magnified by that magical midnight hour, but seriously, I got laughing hysterically to the point that I had to make myself stop not only because Carter was begging me to (in his sleep; he didn’t remember this in the morning), but because my eyeballs felt like they were going to pop out of my head. My favourite part is the tags.

someone ate this

Hello, I eat moderate to severe psoriasis for dinner. It is actually very good for me.




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3 Wishes

So, about those wishes I made on my last post…for warmer weather, a happier puppy, and a healthier puppy, I believe it was?

Well, our puppy Thea is all better! After a week of crate rest, the vet confirmed what we could already see; she’s all healed up and ready for action. She wasted no time in getting back to her usual mischief and is more energetic (and ADORABLE) than ever! She is getting tall and lanky, and is at 16 lbs apparently half the size she will be once she is full grown.

Carter, on the other hand, is still mostly laid up with back pain! Hopefully the doctor can help him out next week. :/ I start to feel down in the dumps after just one full day of not getting out at all, so I can’t imagine where my mood would be if I was out of commission for three weeks straight! Luckily he’s not letting it get to him too much. I feel so bad for him! He is improving, but progress is slow.

As for my other wish, the weather is getting warmer! It’s still a slow process, just like Carter’s recovery; in fact, it’s the slowest spring I can recall, but it is happening! It’s amazing how much a little sunshine can lift my spirits. I always feel so mentally and emotionally renewed when spring arrives.

The other day wasn’t particularly nice weather-wise, but it made for a pretty nice photo, which I enjoy almost just as much as a beautiful day:

A moody sky

A moody sky

Seriously though, I can’t wait until everything starts blooming because I am getting really tired of taking pictures of cloudy, foggy, wet days, as photogenic as they can be! Now, not only do I have writer’s block when it comes to this blog, I also have photographer’s block, if that’s even a thing. I’m feeling rather uninspired! I want flowers in every colour of the rainbow, sunshine and shadows, and trees in full bloom! I also want Carter, me, the kids, and the dog to be able to get out and really spend time outside, enjoying our little piece of heaven in the country as we so love to do.

Right now, the “lawn” is still muddy and boggy and more of a headache than a joy. So far we’ve managed to clean up garbage from the previous tenants (we moved in right in the middle of winter so weren’t able to do that until the snow melted), and raked up most of the sticks and branches that fell from the trees during the ice storm. We’ve also got two tire swings and one regular swing hanging from the trees for the kiddos, and their basketball net is up. We still intend to put up the trampoline, build a small deck to replace the ramshackle, inbred-looking, sorry excuse for a porch that we have, a walkway from the driveway to the porch to save us from the mud pit of doom, and of course, lots of GARDENING!

I am super pumped about gardening, both flowers and vegetables. I don’t have the most impressive green thumb by a long shot, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it! It’s always hard when you rent a home, trying to find a sensible balance between making it feel like your own while you live there, and recognizing that it’s not yours and that putting a lot of money into it and then leaving it all behind would be kind of foolish. Luckily, I’m not picky, and I have  generous family and friends who are kind enough to donate perennials and clippings from their own gardens since I’ve had to uproot and leave my own gardens behind several times in the last several years. One of my new coworkers actually invited me to come to her home and pick out a bunch of plants from her garden to take home, since according to her, she can’t bear to even throw out a leaf. Perfect! Seriously, if she knew how excited I was about her little offer she might be disturbed. I try to contain my weird self at work…to an extent. 😉

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to watching 19 Kids and Counting and being totally weirded out by their homeschooling, quiverfulling, courting way of life! I am equal parts disturbed and fascinated. I can’t look away!


Seriously, what exactly is TLC’s mission statement these days? There’s Sister Wives, Duggars, Honey Boo Boos, Sex Sent Me to the ER, Breaking Amish….it’s really more voyeuristic than educational. Not that I’m complaining. :/ Because I’m classy like that.

honey booboo